Virtual teams: pressure points and victories

“Too little communication, and there’s no learning and no synergy. Too much communication, and all the minds end up in the same place, focusing on the same types of solutions”. (Fall 2019 MIT SLOAN Management Review

“Our team has deteriorated: less travel, only virtual meetings, time pressure, little social interaction, and production lines have issues. More stress means our team really struggles and morale is not good”. (RW3’s virtual teams survey 2018 Executive review)

The reality of virtual work environment, of course, is not all painted in black, and the fact that GÉANT project teams (actual and virtual) deliver products and services year on year is the living proof. 

We all have different experience of working in a virtual team, it could be a short episode or months and years.  There is little doubt that virtual teams are here to stay; there is also little doubt that the amount of pressure or level of demands on virtual teams will become less.  So, the main challenge for virtual teams is not just to survive but to thrive and continue to be successful.

With this in mind GLAD team has been working on putting together a training programme on sustainability of effective virtual team work.

The information about the programme (content and how to join) will follow in a very near future, and we will update the information on this page.

In order to make the programme content more relevant please tell us about your experience of pressure points (challenges) and successes of virtual team work by completing a very short (3 questions, 2 minutes) survey.

In the meantime, there is no need to wait for the training programme to be announced – dive straight in – here are some insights from experts and practitioners sharing their experience of challenges and practice-tested solutions.

“5 Habits of resilient teams”

“Collaboration tools that will enhance Virtual Team productivity”

“7 Creative Virtual Team-Building Activities”

“Building and leading high-performance Remote Teams”

“The case for silence in meetings”

In the meantime, wishing you and your virtual team real and tangible success!