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More TM Forum knowledge in the GÉANT Project

At the start of 2020, GÉANT, the member of the TM Forum,* signed an agreement with TM Forum to offer interested GN4.3 project members an opportunity to take online training on any of the TM Forum Fundamental courses. Many took advantage of this exceptional chance as TM Forum Frameworks and resources are of significant interest to the GN4.3 project.

TM Forum work recognized by Network Technology and Services Team

Training has been of special interest to Network Services Evolution and Development task (Task 2) of the Network Technology and Services Development (WP6): the TM Forum Open Digital Framework is of significant interest and importance  for the project and the GÉANT community.

” …we are currently working with the ODA reference architecture in WP6-T2, therefore it was very valuable training…”

TM Forum training has also been of relevance across the project: over summer and late autumn of 2020 33 experts across work packages 4, 5, 6, 8 & 9, invested time and effort to complete one or more of the self-paced online courses to gain new knowledge and to acquire certification on various TM Forum frameworks, which they will most likely use in their work. Up until now 13 subject matters experts also received the TM Forum knowledge Certification by passing the exams. More feedback here.

“Thanks for organising these trainings. I have enjoyed it tremendously and since it was online at your own pace it was fairly easy for me to squeeze it into my daily work schedule…”

Head of R&D Project management in Communication Systems, Computer Science,

Learning Path and next steps

To ensure continuity of learning, GLAD is working with TM Forum to organise 2-days virtual (instructor-led) classes for people who completed the Fundamentals, which is a pre-requisites for taking ‘Practitioner’ courses. Further training will give teams the possibility to work on implementing TM Forum strategies in their daily practice in a collaborative way.

“It was an ok overview but I think group discussion between experts would give more insight”

Coordinator, Architect

Check out the GLAD 2021 calendar for more details on the TM Forum SID Practitioner and TM Forum Open APIs Practitioner courses. Talk to us if you are interested in learning with TM Forum.

*About TM Forum

TM Forum is an alliance of 850+ global companies working together to break down technology and cultural barriers between digital service providers, technology suppliers, consultancies and systems integrators. Their work is defined by the members, which include 10 of the world’s top 10 network and communications providers and stretch across 180 countries. Our members tap into each other’s collective experiences and abilities to collaboratively solve complex industry-wide challenges, deploy new services and create technology breakthroughs to accelerate change.