man wearing headphones while sitting on chair in front of MacBook

Quick Tips to successfully participate in  online training 

Participating in an online training class is different from attending a video conference! You get a real live trainer delivering the same content as in a live session, but with the convenience of attending the training from your own workplace or home. Depending on how you learn this might me a blessing or a challenge.

To get the most learning out of the online sessions we have the following tips:

Prepare before for your first day of training

Take note of any training materials provided before the training, but do not complete tasks before the start of the training. 

Use a head set to improve sound quality and reduce background noise when you are speaking.

Choose an environment that is quiet and has minimal distractions.

If available use a second screen during the class so that you can watch the trainers as you work through exercises.

Book yourself as ‘unavailable’ in your calendar and turn off your email and other distractors, such as your phone.

Make yourself comfortable

Get yourself comfortable with snacks and drinks at hand and log in early. This gives you the chance to tackle and technical problems with your setup before the class begins and engage with the trainers and other participants.

Participate actively!

You will get the most learning out of the training when you actively participate and use your voice or chat to engage.

Keep your focus

The sessions have been planned for half days  of 4-5 hours. Don’t worry, there will be enough breaks in between. So during lesson time be sure to stay engaged. Make notes, ask questions.

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