Our Team

Irina Matthews – Learning Services Coordinator


“If asked a question about what is important for me, professionally and personally, I would say “making a difference”.


Working in education, first as teacher and then a curriculum manager and e-learning development coordinator gave me an opportunity to see first-hand the life-long impact of education in terms of changing and improving people’s life prospects.  Working for an organisation that enables greater access to research and education is the source of inspiration and motivation to shape up my job role for a maximum impact as it translates in enabling wider communities to access, collaborate and create knowledge for the benefit of all”.


Ian Barker – GÉANT Project Training Coordinator

Working with Commercial organisations in Communications Networking and Telecoms since the mid-1980s and in the Learning and Development area of Telecoms since the mid 1990’s, I have trained and coached individuals and teams across the Globe as a CIPD trainer in the Training Certification programmes since 2004.


Joining the GÉANT Project in 2010, I have worked with teams and personnel from GÉANT and National Education and Research Networks across Europe to design and deliver training including Management Skills and Training for/in the services and tools developed and provided by the GÉANT Project. Coaching and challenging teams working in the GEANT Project to improve the quality of newly developed and existing training delivered across the various mediums of Face to Face, On-line and self-driven learning. 


L&D Projects: GÉANT Project Technical Knowledge Programme, GÉANT Project Future Talent Programme


Magda Haver – Project Management Assistant




As part of L&D team, Magda supports corporate events and has entered the world of TRANSITS trainings, where security professionals from different regions and countries learn and exchange experiences and knowledge. 🕵️ 💻


In my past experiences, I coordinated career programmes for students and worked in the field of business conferenes. When I stepped in the non-for-profit world of GÉANT, I performed different functins from working on the foresight study to organising task force meetings and external events.

What I enjoys most is long term planning and coordination. I am passionate about communication, getting in touch with new people, going to different places, creating bonds and learning new things. I am a true believer that putting people together creates an extra energy and I love the enthusiasm and diversity of the networking community, their passion to exchange experiences, knowledge and connections.


L&D Projects: GÉANT Corporate Training, TRANSITS


Irina Mikhailava – Head of Learning and Development


I believe that humans are inherently curious, and my professional vocation is to unleash their inner wonder. To achieve that I design high-impact learning programmes, integrate digital learning tools and create learning communities united under a common strategy that serves business. I am fascinated with orchestrating organisational transformation, post-merger integration and culture change. As the next big thing, I am curious to explore the role and effects of technology and flexible careers on L&D practices.   


L&D Projects: GÉANT Corporate Training, GÉANT Project Future Talent Fund, GÉANT Project Capabilities Building Programme, AARC Project Training, Professional Services, GÉANT e-Academy   



Nadia Sluer – Project Management Assistant


Waving ‘goodbye’ to a 20-year career within ITC corporates, to say ‘hello’ to the friendly GÉANT Project back in 2012, I pursued a track from business professional to (CIPD) certified training professional.


When not on a 5k running track clearing my mind for new ideas to enter, I am ‘running’ around firing up learning and coaching programs for GÉANT community members who ‘wander’ in the Research and Education Networking space.


As a firm believer of ‘Learning Something New Every Day’, I am passionate about give and take from ‘young’ talents to ‘learn’ from their amazingly fresh brains and to bringing them new learning experiences from this community. The Students lightning Talk Challenge has been one of my favourite programs to organize.


L&D Projects: GÉANT Project Future Talent Fund, AARC Project Training