Successful Attribute Release for global research and education community

Attribute Release for eduGAIN … if you are one of the eduGAIN interfederation services providers then the subject does not need much introduction or explanation.

If you are part of the eduGAIN interfederation community and you are supporting Federation IdP Administrator then this message is for you as you know first-hand of the importance of SUCCESSFUL Attribute Release!

“The Successful Attribute Release” online module is now available at the GEANT eAcademy.

The module is designed to be of interest to people with experiences as well as novices to Interfederated services.  For this reason, the module is structured as 4 interrelated sections but each section can be accessed on its own, depending upon professional interests and level of expertise.  The sections include:

  1. Introduction
  2. Federated Identity Management and eduGAIN
  3. Attribute Release and impact on users and services
  4. eduGAIN IdP Health Check

The module places the subject of the Attribute Release in the wider context signposting to other important areas, e.g. SIRTFI (also available on eAcademy).

The module provides practical, hands-on guidance; at the same time the authors of the module recognise the multitude variations in the ways how organisations work, and should there are some specific issues to be resolved the module includes contact details how to receive further support.

So, ready to check it out? Take a dive!

Once you had a look around please forward this information to IdP Administrators.  Here is the summary in the “business card” format (ready to be copied and pasted into your own communications):


“Successful Attribute Release” online module on eAcademy (log in required)

How to log in:

  • To Log In area is in the upper top right corner
  • Log In options: Single Sign On or “Social networks” (choose the appropriate tab)

How to get in touch:

  • – to share any comments about access to the eAcademy and/or the module itself
  • For eduGAIN support email or visit – see further contact information for eduGAIN Attribute Release support within the online module


Following the webinar “Successful Attribute Release and eduGAIN Health Check” earlier this year further resources are available in the relevant blog post on the GLAD website, click here.

Please get in touch ( to share your experience, thoughts and suggestions for future webinars and online content.

Wishing great success in the Attribute Release for your respective organisations!