“Successful Attribute Release and eduGAIN IdP Health Check” – life after the webinar

“Successful Attribute Release and eduGAIN IdP Health Check” webinar took place on 03 July 2019 and was well attended by the truly global audience from 21 countries representing individual institutions, National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) and agencies that provide Federated and Interfederated Services.

The webinar covered the following topics:

  • The importance of Attribute Release for collaboration in science and education
  • Incorrect Attribute Release and its impact on stakeholders
  • Tools for successful Attribute Release
  • eduGAIN Health Check
  • Useful resources and reference materials
  • Accessing support to get it right

To support the successful implementation of the Attribute Release the following resources are now available:

  • The webinar recording can be accessed here.
  • The copy presentation slides used at the webinar
  • List of links and references relating to the subject of Attribute Release (including support)
  • The online eLearning module ‘Successful Attribute Release” on GÉANT eAcademy. To access the course click here.

Please visit the eAcademy to access the online SIRTFI course (“Why SIRTFI?”) also mentioned at the webinar.

To explore any other content on GÉANT eAcademy please visit https://e-academy.geant.org/moodle/ – if this is your first time at the eAcademy use the Log In area in the top right and corner: the log in options include SSO and social media accounts.

If you require further support with Attribute Release for eduGAIN:

  • Contact your local federation operator

For contact details visit: https://technical.edugain.org/status

Thank you.

For any issues relating to accessing any of these resources and/or themes for future webinars please contact glad@geant.org