SSE2019 Edition: user-centricity in focus

User-centricity does not come as a surprise. The recent trend of embracing users and user requirements in an effective way has led to the emergence of a multitude of methodologies (AgileUX Design), frameworks (SCRUM) and even organisational forms (ie. the Spotify Model). To wrestle with the issue, this year’s the School of Software Engineers was dedicated to the Designing Thinking. The objective was to introduce the GÉANT software development community to the principles of the Design Thinking in order to ensure that their work results in making ‘usable app’, as put by the trainer himself. 

The SSE2019 brought together 20 participants from the GÉANT NREN community and immersed them into the methodology. The day involved experiencing such features of Design Thinking as defining product ‘personas’, discovering their opinions and creating prototypes. The training has not only delivered on the promised agenda, but it has also unleashed the participants’ curiosity to expand further their toolboxes (with possibilities tools like GIT, Docker, Ansible) and even to venture out to other frameworks such as ITIL and TMForum. There were also other take aways from the training. For instance, it has sparked the interest in learning about collaboration techniques such as brainstorming, negotiating and achieving consensus. Without a doubt, to make the most out of Design Thinking work at GEANT there is a need to balance out soft and hard skills. Lastly, it is great to share that WP9 T2 and GLAD are already thinking of the next event that could continue the learning journey focused on user centricity. Stay tuned and speak to us if you are interested. Also, make sure to check the GLAD’s training events calendar for the upcoming ITIL and TM Forum events. To learn more about Design Thinking (UX) from International Design Foundation  or  Nielsen Norman group