Software development at GÉANT: from solutions to best practice

“Best practice” – we are used to hearing and saying these words in relation to practically any professional area.

And what does it actually mean?

Rather attempting another definition of “best practice”, let’s see what “best practice” is made of, what its “ingredients” are.

As the term implies it is “practical”, i.e.

  • Based on practical experience
  • Resulted in improvement (i.e. proven to be successful)
  • Measurable (this is how we know that there has been an improvement)

So, the question is whether each successful solution is “best practice” or when does a solution become “best practice?”

One of the suggested answers here (not exclusively) could be “replicability”, i.e. “best practice” means that an identified solution can be replicated (extended to) in a different context/environment and still lead to an improvement.

So, what does it all mean for software development at GÉANT? How can one identify “best practice”? And once identified – how can it be shared for others to benefit? And, very simply, where to find the examples of best practice?

To find out we are inviting you to meet the WP9 T2 team that has done an extensive work in this area.

The team delivered a webinar Common Best practices for Software Development Teams in GÉANT – how to identify, share and implement on 17 July 2020 at 10:30 am CEST. The subject created a lot of interest and was well attended.

At the webinar that team covered the following subjects:

1) Real life examples how implementation of best practice can provide practical solutions.

2) Introduced the Catalogue of Best Practices.

The Catalogue of Best Practices is a live resource that

  • Is based on teams’ experiences
  • facilitates improvements in teams
  • imminently open for extensions and improvements

If you would like to learn how great solutions become best practice, and what it means for the quality of service we provide please use some useful links (see below) and get in touch with the team ; if you missed the webinar – here is the link to watch the webinar recording.

Catalogue of Best Practices

Software Tools supporting Common Best Practice

GÉANT Slack #sw-best-practices

To get in touch with the team – please use this email:

For any questions about access to the the webinar recording or other resources please contact