Software development at GÉANT: JIRA Service Desk – the portal for all software development tools and support at GN4.3

The software development landscape at GÉANT is constantly evolving to keep pace and alignment with the changing world outside (and this year without a doubt has been unprecedented in terms of pace and scope of change).

We are now very happy and excited to announce another landmark development – the launch of the Jira Service Desk – the portal that brings together the tools for software development and support for their effective use.

The launch took place on 06 November 2020 at 13:00 CET. Please see below to access the session’s recording.

This event is the next step in the activities of the WP9 T2 aimed at supporting and maximising effectiveness of software development practice at GÉANT, in all its diversity, with the over-aching goal of bringing products and services that are best suited to meet the community and its users.

The range of services that WP9 T2 task is offering to the GÉANT  software development community has been growing steadily and now (among others) include:

  • The catalogue of the Common Best practices for Software Development Teams in GÉANT (launched 17 July 2020)
  • The catalogue of Software development projects at GEANT (launched 26 June 2019)
  • SonarQube – a tool to get a firm handle on quality of the software development at its each stage (04 December 2019)
  • GitLab – a tool to increase productivity and collaboration for software development project (10 May 2019)

To access relevant resources (sessions recordings and wiki pages):


Jira Service Desk Launch 06 November 2020 – click here to watch the recording.

Catalogue of Best Practices in Software development in GEANT- link to watch the webinar recording.

Catalogue of Best Practices

Software Tools supporting Common Best Practice

GÉANT Slack #sw-best-practices

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