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Producing secure code for applications is a key aspect of protecting GÉANT applications and systems. With the move towards multi-domain systems and services there is a greater emphasis on securing these multi-domain systems as well as ensuring secure deployment of them. The Secure Coding Training focuses on areas that affect the development and analysis of application’s source code.

Secure Code Training is organized and hosted by the GEANT project Software Governance and Support team. Contact if you would like to learn more about the annual training.

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Over the past years we covered around 100 topics since the first Secure Code training in 2016 of which many still relevant today. The main materials are available to the GÉANT Project NREN community from out top 30 topics list.

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Contact if you like to learn more about the topics or the training programme.

Training & Courses

GLAD, together with GÉANT Project Software Governance support, offer training programme that will specifically train developers in methodologies to write secure software programs. Trainings are delivered through webinars and annual workshops available to the GÉANT Project NREN community.

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SCT22, 5-8 September 2022 in Virtual Classroom

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