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GÉANT Training Best Practices and Lessons Learnt


The document provides a summary of best practices and lessons learnt running training and learning and development activities with the purpose of sharing knowledge and improving learning and development practices across GN4-2 participants.

‘Best practices’ in this context refers to those activities that were envisaged, planned and anticipated at the start of GN4-2 (1 May 2016). Lessons learnt, on the other hand, are those activities and working practices that emerged during the execution of training objectives.

Sharing best practice and lessons learnt serves a number of purposes. First and foremost, it introduces working model(s) and assumptions for running the training activity within the greater GÉANT project framework with an ambition ensuring its future efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, it presents a set of transferrable practices that can be adopted by project partners or repurposed to other learning and development contexts.