Business continuity and emotional resilience – responding to challenges of COVID-19

COVID-19 presents a lot of challenges for individuals and businesses. Swift transition to remote working while maintaining productivity is one of such challenges for people and organisations where working remotely in virtual teams is not an everyday practice.

As time goes by we are getting more and more aware of other type of challenges: overcoming sense of social isolation, worrying about friends and relative, creating new routines for learning at home for children and young people to help them to continue their education.

To support such transition GLAD team would like to bring to your attention a collection of freely available resources (short courses, articles, blogs, tools). These resources have been collated by us as well as made available by our training partners.

Studying at home – supporting young people and parents

Children and students may be well familiar with learning online but not having a familiar F2F classroom environment has created a different environment for young people and parents. Internet provides access to unlimited diversity of learning; to further support learning in a more structured way learning and educational providers are providing free access to learning materials to continue to support and nurture curiosity.

Coursera together – to help learning community during this challenging time Coursera is “launching new, free resources, as well as surfacing interesting course collections, community discussions, and expert interviews”. These resources will be updated, so stay tuned.

Remote working for business


The teams behind one of our training partners – “Global Integration” are experts in remote working; they have put together a free short MP4 slideshow with audio based on their experience of 25 years of training people to work remotely.

It’s an introduction to some of the benefits and challenges of working remotely together with a few practical tips and ideas that may help inspire and enable people new to this experience.

To access the slideshow please use this link . It is possible to stream or download this freely and share it with no charge and no restrictions except maintaining the copyright notice.

Social isolation, sense of loneliness when working from are serious issues that may have detrimental effect for emotional and psychological well-being and overall business productivity. This short video (Global Integration) with suggestions how to develop new more helpful working habits may be useful. if you find it helpful please share freely.

LinkedIn Learning has unlocked this course Working Remotely for everyone (no need to have a LinkedIn account).

In addition to an individual course there are 16 courses (combined in a “learning path” under the name “Remote working: setting yourself and your team up for success”) in 7 different languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Japanese. Courses can be studied individually.

EN: Remote Working: Setting Yourself and Your Teams Up for Success
 GE: Erfolgreich im Home Office arbeiten
 FR: Etre efficace en teletravail
 BP: Trabalho remoto colaboraca foco e produtividade
 SP: Trabajo a distancia preparandote a ti mismo y a tus equipos para el exito

“Collaborative working in a remote team: discover project planning and collaboration for working remotely” (FutureLearn)

Focus on SCRUM and Agile

If your team(s) adhere to this way of working these resources from may be of interest:

Articles and blogs

“Building and leading high-performance teams”

“5 Habits of resilient teams”

“7 Creative Virtual Team-Building Activities”

“Building and leading high-performance Remote Teams”

“The case for silence in meetings”

“Working in a virtual team: using technology to communicate and collaborate”


Microsoft is giving all organisations, who are not current customers 6 months free trial of Microsoft Teams.

“Rising stars – tools for remote teams to watch in 2020”

“Collaboration tools that will enhance Virtual Team productivity”

Maintaining resilience and positive outlook

In these turbulent times we all need resilience, coping, and acceptance skills is offering to download (free) ‘The Crisis Kit’: 5 tools to help us to get through these challenging time.

Goleman EI and Everwise invite you to join a Free Online Resilience Program through April 17th, 2020. In this self-paced 5-day learning program, you’ll strengthen your ability to bounce back from challenges and learn the science behind human adaptability and growth. 

Sign up now for the Free Online Emotional Resilience Program

We wishing you and your teams to stay healthy, resilient and successful!

Please get in touch regarding access to these resources and/or if you would like to see more resources on related subjects.