Project Management – taking project success to the next level

How many times a day are involved in project management? Is this time confined to our working hours?

It is possible to think about it in a work-related context but in reality, project management activities start with the morning sound of the alarm clock.

So, in practical terms, all of us are project managers, in the informal or formal sort of way.

As a distinct set of professional competencies Project Management began to emerge in the middle of 20 century.  Since then it has experienced rapid, world-wide growth and has been constantly evolving being aligned with other relevant disciplines: Agile Project Management, Project Management and Adaptive Leadership, Lean and Agile, Iterative Delivery with Scrum and Kanban…

You may be interested in Project Management as a career path and/or you see it as set of professional competencies to be developed and perfected; whether you are a novice or have battle scars and years of experience there is always something new to learn; and here is a (small) selection of freely available resources that have recently come to our attention:


View available on demand webinar recording “Six Skills Required for Effectively managing Project-based work” (Training Provider “Strategy Execution”)

Upcoming webinar (Training provider: Strategy Execution) “Digital transformation in a Project-Driven World” – 10 October 2019 at 4 pm BST. Please follow this link to register.

Articles and blogs

Feel the pressure and no time to attend a webinar? No problem – here are some quick reads:

“Turning Good Project Management into Great Project Leadership”.

“Tips for managing multiple software development projects”

“7 ways to mitigate Risk on Projects”

What are the “stakeholder management skills?

“Effective communications in projects”

“Contract management skills for Project Managers”

If you have any comments about any of these resources, can recommend some interesting and exciting materials on the subject or would like to see more resources for this area of knowledge please get in touch with

Wishing you great achievements in the very important work that you do!