Webinar: “Successful Attribute Release and eduGAIN IdP Health Check”

July 3, 2019

10:00 / 11:00


Zoom Virtual Webinar Room



For the attention of eduGAIN Federation operators and eduGAIN IdP operators. The webinar is delivered by Lukas Haemmerle (SWITCH) and supported by GLAD (GEANT Learning and Development). The webinar covers the following subjects:

  1. Why successful Attribute Release helps collaboration in research and education
  2. What are the practical steps to improve Attribute Release using entity categories
  3. How to become a “good eduGAIN IdP citizen” using the 5-step eduGAIN IdP Health Check
  4. Which support resources are available (i.e. upcoming online training course) for successful Attribute Release and improved “IdP Health”

To attend the webinar (and/or express your interest in the subject) please register here. It is also important for receiving updates and post webinar materials.

If you have any questions about the webinar please contact irina.matthews@geant.org