Webinar: “Digital transformation in a Project -driven world”

October 10, 2019

External Organizer


The world of work is increasing becoming project driven whereby the concept of project management is no longer applied to a performance of a specific task or reaching certain objective. The evolution of the Project management mindset and associated competencies is to a great extent driven by the process of digital transformation.

The webinar explores how to address digital opportunities and threats by:

  • Using a strategy-first – not technology-first – approach.
  • Understanding and deploying new models, frameworks and tools.
  • Implementing people and team development strategies that enable teams to think differently in the midst of the digital revolution.

Interested? Consider attending this freely available webinar arranged and delivered by Strategy Execution.

The webinar will take place on 10 October 2019 at 4:00 pm BST.

Registration for the webinar is available here.