Train the Trainer workshop

September 8, 2019 to September 9, 2019

09:00 / 18:00


APNIC48 conference

This edition of the ‘Train the Trainer’ workshop is designed specifically for the Asi@Connect CSIRT project with the goal develop training capabilities in the region. It is organised as a part of APNIC48 conference. The objectives of the workshop is to enable all participants to:

  • Experience, understand and appreciate experiential learning
  • Gain strategies for desgining and managing experiential learning for others
  • Understand personal learning and training styles

It is a two day hands-on training and learning experience focusing on activating TRANSITS framework through a series of upcoming training events organised by the workshop attendees. The following deliverables will be produced in the course of the workshop:

  • TRANISTS persona, a typica workshop participant;
  • TRANSITS learning objectives;
  • TRANSITS learninig journey;
  • Activation and engagement methods;
  • Feedback.

To inquire about the workshop eligibility and registration, please send an email to Equally, if you are interesting in runing a ‘train the train’ workshop for your purposes, dont’ hesitate to speak to GLAD.