FTP19 Lightning Talks/ Strike 1

June 17, 2019

14:00 / 15:30



Põhja pst 27a Tallinn 10415 Estonia



GÉANT Learning and Development (GLAD) is proud to be taking six talks to TNC19 this year as a part of Future Talent Programme. Finalists represent four European NRENs – FCCN, Belnet, GARR and MARnet – and will be presenting on two days of the conference.

During the Strike 1 you can see the following FTP finalists’ talks:

Sport-Related Sudden Cardiac Death: a New In-Cloud System for Athletes Prevention.Our aim is to implement an in-Cloud system for sport-related sudden cardiac death prevention, using the data collected by athletes by means of commercial wearable sensors. Speakers: Ms AGNESE SBROLLINI, (Consortium GARR, Università Politecnica delle Marche)

Democratizing Smart Farming with AI on LoRa Sensor Networks. Digital technologies ignited a revolution in the agrofood domain known as smart farming. Speakers: Luca Coviello, (Fondazione Bruno Kessler – Consortium GARR)

Building community Machine Learning Tool for agriculture and forest species identification. Wine certification through caste identification is of vital importance when it comes to provide the market with high-quality and trustable products. Speakers: Antonio Ferreira (FCCN)

Check out the TNC19 programme and join us in supporting the finalists and other presenters.