man holding note saying secure code

SCT20 Secure Programming in JavaScript

July 6, 2020 to July 9, 2020

10:00 / 14:45

Secure Code Training (SCT) provides knowledge to software developers and security specialists that allows for the provisioning of self-defending applications, that are protected against cyberthreats to the maximum possible extent. This year’s SCT20 has two separate training sessions which will be delivered in a virtual class environment in 2 each half day sessions by professional internal and external trainers. (I) Secure Programming in JavaScript and (II) Secure code Training. Although both sessions fall under the umbrella of SCT20 they require separate registrations.

Secure Programming in JavaScript

Online workshop – 3 half days
Training provider: B2B network
Participants: max 10 pp
Formula of the training: 70% theory/ 30% practice

  • JavaScript security issues
  • A crisis of Trust
  • Not hidden code
  • XSS vulnerability
  • Poor validation
  • Cryptless
  • Quality code
  • Weak types & poor code quality
  • No composition
  • Typescript as a step forward

Training Platform

The training will be provided via a dedicated training platform of the training provider. Participants log in the platform via a browser with an individual link provided after registration.
After submitting the form, each registrant will receive a personal URL which cannot be shared.

Interaction options between the instructor and participants include:

  • Instructor is the only one speaking and sharing the screen, participants listen actively
  • Discussion ( all participants speak)
  • Screen sharing by participants
  • Chat


Lukasz Sitnicki – CTO, Software Architect, Senior Software Engineer
Lukasz has over 10 years experience in software development with 5 years of commercial experience, over 2 years in designing systems and 5 open sources packages with over 14k downloads


Programming languages

Proficient in PHP, JS, Typescript
Strong knowledge of: SQL
Base knowledge of: C++, C Shell
Developing skills in: Swits, C#

Database engines

Good knowledge of : MySQL, PostgreSQL
Base knowledge of: MongoDB, EventStore


Proficient in: Laravel, Vue
Good knowledge of: Symfony, React
Base knowledge of: NativeScript

Technology stack

Tools: Nginx, Apache, Git, Supervisor, Webpack, np,
Management: Redmine, JIRA
Quality: PHPUnit, Jasmine, JEST, ESlint, PSR

For more details on SCT20 and online participation visit the Secure Code Training wiki pages