Secure Code Training 2019/ Day 1

May 28, 2019

13:00 / 18:00



Street Jana Pawła II 10, 61-139 Poznan, Poland

+48 61 858 20 01

GN4-3 WP9 -Task 2: Software Governance & Support


Similarly to previous GÉANT project phases, Secure Coding Trainings (SCT) will be provisioned for the GN4.3 developers – this time by WP9 T2 (Software Governance and Support). This year the SCT is planned to be held in Poznań, Poland at PSNC premises (Polish Optical Internet Research Center), between 28- 30th May, 2019.

This three-day event is intended to provide the developers knowledge allowing to produce self-defending applications, that are protected against cyberthreats to the maximum possible extent. It is organised in a hands-on manner, ensuring that participants get the most out of the event.

This year the trainers will introduce the most recent version (4.0) of OWASP Application Security Verification Standard that is going to be published in February. A new, extended workshop on modern authentication and authorization mechanisms will be provided as well. The trainers plan also to continue and extend the last year topic on Continuous Integration approaches that facilitate Secure Development Life Cycle. Besides these, the most recent static analysis tools will be presented, as well as a HackMe contest and a new set of source code riddles.

The training is organised by WP9 T2 in collaboration with GLAD (WP1 T5). All GN4.3 participants can fund and claim their attendance from WP1 T5 (GLAD).

For more information regarding the content and venue, contact Gerard Frankowski (WP9T2/ PSNC) –

For questions regarding funding, contact GLAD.