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School of Software Engineering SSE2022

October 25, 2022 to October 27, 2022

All Day


GÉANT Amsterdam office

GÉANT AMS, Level 6, Hoekenrode 3, 1102 BR

+31 (020) 530 4488

GN4-3 WP9 -Task 2: Software Governance & Support


Design of modular, distributed and event driven systems: a practical approach

To achieve better and better performance (e.g. scalability) of software solutions, developers increasingly turn to distributed architectures such as microservices. Building and implementing an efficient and trustworthy distributed system is much more difficult than building and running a single application (a so-called monolith). This workshop will increase your knowledge of distributed solution design and your skills to create tools that are flexible, more efficient, scalable and fault tolerant.

  • consciously and professionally decide what to optimize architecture for, and which technical and organizational constraints have to be taken into account
  • create professional architecture diagrams in C4 model, verify validity of their design, present it to the stakeholders
  • decide which approach to architecture will be better in particular case: modular monolithic, synchronous microservices or distributed event driven system
  • optimize the architecture for SLA and performance of critical path, without creating error-prone combinations
  • optimize the system for maintainability and extensibility, so that more business value can be delivered by the implementing team 

Additional training details:

  • Participants will not program during the workshop.

The workshop agenda will become available soon. Make sure to check out this space!

Who should take part in SSE2022

The workshop is aimed at *all GN4-3 project participants involved in developing software* and interested in improving external quality of their products. The attendance of the SSE workshop can be funded through WP1T5 (GLAD).

*Fund your learning through GN4-3 

How to take part in SSE2022

  • Get approval from your organisation and Work package for travel and time spent on this training
  • BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) workshops. Fluent English is also expected! Participants should have a practical knowledge of software development 
  • Make sure that Miro can run on your specific hardware/software configuration
  • If you are interesting in the event, please register below.

Registration link:


GÉANT Amsterdam
Hoekenrode 3
1102 BR Amsterdam
The Netherlands
Telephone: +31 (0)20 530 4488

Hotel bookings

An updated list of recommended hotels is available in the Getting to the GÉANT Amsterdam office PDDF document

Important note

When making booking participants need to choose options that allow them to recover back costs in the event of cancellations. In the case of cancellations, the costs will be ineligible for EC funding and participants will need to recover costs from insurance. 

Contacts (GLAD) – for training programme, logistical and administration matters (PSNC) – for technical training content