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School of Software Engineering SSE2021



GN4-3 WP9 -Task 2: Software Governance & Support


Jacek Majchrzak



In its core, Domain Driven Design (DDD) consists of Strategic and Tactical design. Strategic Design is a set of principles and patterns for maintaining model integrity, distilling the Business Domain Model, and working with multiple models. Strategic design is very useful to divide a large and complex business problem into multiple chunks with clear boundaries and specific responsibilities and build a high-level software design topology.

Training Programme

The main objective of this training is to provide software development teams with practical knowledge and skills on Strategic Domain Driven Design, DDD.

Learn about:

  • What is strategic Domain Driven Design
  • How to effectively learn a complex business domain
  • How to use bounded contexts
  • How to approach business domain modelling in your software

Additional training details:

  • The training will be entirely devoted to Strategic DDD and its use in software design.
  • The training will in some places refer to selected patterns from Domain Driven Design. However, knowledge among participants is not required.
  • During the training, pieces of code may appear from the instructor’s side – they will be written in the object meta-language, without any reference to a specific technology. Participants will not program during the workshop.

How to prepare for the training

The training is, by definition, BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) workshops. Fluent English is also expected! Participants should have a basic knowledge about software development.

  • Make sure that your microphone and headphones or speakers work.
  • Make sure that Zoom and Miro can run on your specific hardware/software configuration.

How to take part in SSE2021

  • Get approval from your organisation/ WP leader for your time spent on these trainings  (4-5 hours each day)
  • To register click below. Please note that spaces are limited!
  • A link to the training platforms will be provided before the start
  • BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) workshops. Fluent English is also expected! Participants should have a practical knowledge of software development
  • Read our Quick Tips to get as much as possible out of online training 

Who should attend?

This training is primarily targeted to software developers and security specialists in the GÉANT Project.

*Fund your learning through GN4-3 

Not a Project participant? Leave your interest and inquiry with

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Contact: Maciej Łabędzki