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Market Research Training


Classroom, Virtual

The Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)


Jean Sutton


Training Summary

The development and provisioning of services should always be dependent on anticipation of the direction in which our users and communities are moving or planning to develop, and so a clear understanding of their needs and expectations should be used to inform service development.

The objective of the training programme is enabling individuals from different job functions involved with user and market data collection and analysis, to understand customer needs using a mix of methods.

The programme is designed to help those who are looking for ways to improve their market research skills, get the confidence to approach others for their opinions and impart the skills that enable them to explore, listen and record while staying on topic and maintaining the interest of the respondent.

This can be accomplished through this practical workshop during which you will come up with your own GÉANT research topic of relevance for which you will exercise a research brief and discuss the possible data collection approaches.

By participating in this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Write a research brief based on clear objectives
  • Understand the benefits and limitation of each research approach
  • Choose from existing data collection options to match your objectives  
  • Design dynamic research to help contributors provide feedback, using questionnaire, interview, media etc. to maximise on participation and contribution
  • Draw out relevant findings and conclusions from the research and make better decisions from output
  • Present the outcome of the research in a stimulating and interesting manner to ensure support and involvement going forward

Target audience product engineers, service owners, service delivery managers, product managers, engagement managers

Pre-work Attending the training requires some pre-work. Think about a decision you/your department need to make, a project you are working on for which you need to be better informed about needs, expectations, experiences etc. complete as far as you can and submit to the instructor 3 days in advance of the first training session. Don’t worry, you will get guidance and a template to prepare your draft:

  • Clearly state the nature of that project
  • List some information that would be helpful to know
  • Identify the people / job roles that could be useful to ask
  • Give an indication of when the information is needed

Trainer The training is a 2 half-day workshop that combines theoretical aspects and lots of exercise. The training will be virtually delivered by Jean Sutton, a market research specialist from Chartered Institute of Marketing the leading marketing membership organisation in the UK.

Who should attend?

This training is primarily open to GÉANT Project members.

*Fund your learning through GN4.3 

Seats are limited. Leave your interest and inquiry with glad@geant.org or WP/TL leader or register directly below.

Training Dates & Location

Session Dates:

Session 1 – November 29th, 2021

Session 2 – December 9, 2021

Session Times:

10:00 am – 14:00 pm – CET daily

Online delivery via Zoom video. Facilitated by CIM.