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Open Source Software Licensing Workshop for Software Developers

February 17, 2022

10:30 / 17:00

Course Summary

Open source is broadly used in almost all software development projects in the GÉANT project, and so a good working knowledge of how open-source licenses work as well as understanding compliance and risks are crucial to securing your code.

The objective of this course is to enable software developers to contribute effectively to projects by – depending on the nature of the project – choose the most suitableOpen Source Software (OSS) license and verify if there are any license incompatibilities.

What you will learn This course provides an introduction to open source licensing and compliance, using the GÉANT project “WifiMon” as a practical example. Led by compliance specialists Andrew Katz and Alex Murphy from Orcro Limited, the first half of this one day course will introduce legal and licensing concepts which apply to open source software and provide a context for developers to safely select and use open source components. The second half of the course will analyse the components used in WifiMon, and demonstrate a workflow to facilitate compliance with open source licensing, and introduce automate compliance using WhiteSource.

At the conclusion of this course, attendees will have a solid grounding in understanding the general principles behind open source compliance, understand its importance, be more confident in selecting and deploying the open source components they need to develop GÉANT’s software, and understand how tools like WhiteSource can simplify the compliance process.

Target audiences This course has been designed for software developers and engineers who are contributing to open source projects and/or developing internal projects.


10.20 CET – OPENING ZOOM ROOM // 10.30 CET (9.30 UTC)  Start of the training

10.30– 11.45  Part 1: An introduction to Open Source Software Licensing (Andrew Katz) & QA

11.45– 11.50 5 min break

11.55– 13.15 Part 2: Open Source Software Licences in a Business and Development Context (Andrew Katz) & QA

13.15– 14.15 Lunch Break

14:15 – 15:30 Practical Exercise: Introducing WiFiMon: Analysing, reviewing and remediating components (Alex Murphy and Andrew Katz)

15:30 – 15:35 5 min Break

15:35 – 17.00 Practical Exercise: Introduction to compliance using WifiMon and WhiteSource & QA

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This training is primarily open to GÉANT Project members.

*Fund your learning through GN4.3 

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Training Dates & Location

17 February 2022 ( 10:20 – 17:00)
Online delivery via Zoom video. Facilitated by OCRO. A recording of the training will be made available to registered participants.

Training materials are available in the GÉANT eAcademy