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License Dependencies Analysis with WhiteSource webinar

March 2, 2022

13:30 / 15:00

GN4-3 WP9 -Task 2: Software Governance & Support


Branko Marovic, Milica Ristic, Tomasz Weiss , Magdalena Magdalena Rzaca


Open source software allows software developers to quickly achieve functionality that might otherwise take weeks or months to develop. But, it also comes with risks. To adequately identify potential open source License violations or security vulnerabilities,  GÉANT Project provides two developer-oriented services that rely on WhiteSource: a platform for managing the compatibility and security of software components and their open-source licenses.

Join the webinar where experts of the Software Governance & Support team will introduce their services and show how these can help you to set up your protect in the WhiteSource tool, and discuss how to align the WhiteSource license with intended license policies.   

The 90-minute infoshare will cover the following topics:

  1. WhiteSource set up assistance; a technical supporting service for the IPR software compliance check recommended for teams that expect regular, frequent feedback for risks associated with the infringement of IPR and associated security vulnerabilities that may be inherent in third-party libraries; 
  1. WhiteSource analysis; a technical consulting service for the IPR software compliance check recommended for teams that want to verify their own licensing policy, licences of dependencies or effects of changes in the software. Visit the webinar wiki page for more details.

There will be a Q&A session at the end where you can ask all your questions.

The webinar takes place on Wednesday, 2 March at 13:30 CET.

A recording will be made available on the GÉANT infoshare publishing channels