IT Forensics for System Admins – Acquisition of Other Evidence

January 27, 2022

11:00 / 12:30


Zoom Virtual Webinar Room



Join WP8 T1 team for the “IT Forensics for System Admins – Acquisition of Other Evidence” live online session. This session is part of the “lT Forensics for System Administrators” training programme. This is the eighth (the last) session of this training programme. For further information click here.

Please note that his training event is open to all GÉANT members and partner organisations and wider CERT community. It will be of particular interest to system/network administrators.

To register – please click here

Also please note that there are altogether 8 live online training sessions in this training programme, and once registered you are welcome to attend all or selected training sessions of this module. For any further enquiries please contact