Federated IDM

April 16, 2019

All Day



Campus Reti Via Mazzini, 11 21052 Busto Arsizio (Va)

In this combined training provided by the AARC project and GEANT 4.3 project, technical architects  and AAI developers will learn handson about federated AAI as it is being used in Research and Education. Special attention will be given on how to apply various tools in the context of the AARC Blueprint architecture.

The training will begin by providing a theoretical basis to understand concepts and technologies used in federated AAI. It also introduces the AARC Blueprint Architecture as a model for setting up AAI environments for Research. The second part of the training provides hands-on training on deploying and configuring some of the commonly used AAI tools including IdP, SP and Proxy components.

In the last part of the training, participants learn how to set up a BPA compatible example environment which is created using all the tools deployed in the second day. This exposes the interactions of the various tools and showcases how these are configured.

The Agenda for the meeting and other details can be accessed here.

All interested can register here.