ETHICS in AI panel at EaPEC2019

September 25, 2019 to September 26, 2019

09:00 / 18:00





We are extremely excited to be invited to join EaPEC2019. Irina Mikhailava of GLAD will be facilitating the panel on Ethics in AI panel that contains some clear training undertones.

More specifically, the panel we will focus on the issues of training AI systems and consequences for humankind of creating intelligent AIs. The panel will be looking at the implications of the fact that it is humans who train the robots, and will attempt to uncover opinions and controvercies connected with that. For instance, we are curious to learn about the transferrence of human stereotypes to the intelligent system and whether these systems are capable of self-correcting? If machines are the product of human making, is it ever possible that machines could out-smart us in our development?

Interested? Find out more about these and other topics at the EaPEC2019 conference website.

Registration for the conference is available here.