Panayiota T. Smyrli

Panayiota is a PhD candidate in Post-Quantum Cryptography and Cyber Security Analyst at CYNET-CSIRT. Her research interests focus on cognitive areas of Cryptography and Network Security, as well as their applications in Computer Science and Telecommunications. The actualization of doctoral studies in this interdisciplinary field, stemmed from her postgraduate training and predominantly her M.Sc. thesis that concerned the study of code-based public key cryptosystems. 

Supported by CYNET Panayiota delivers an 5- minutes lighting talk about postquantum secure cryptographic schemes.   

Recent advancements in quantum computing have brought about fundamental challenges to cryptography. The security of many classical cryptographic schemes, such as the digital signature algorithm (DSA), the Diffie-Hellman (DH) key exchange protocol, and their elliptic curve variants, relies on the hardness of the well-known discrete logarithm problem over cyclic groups in elliptic curves over finite fields. 

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