Open access to online TM Forum training for GÉANT Project members

GÉANT and TM Forum are excited to have signed a contract that will give access to a selection of self paced training and certification from the TM Forum portfolio. These courses will be available only to GÉANT project members and for a limited period of time.

The TM Forum framework is used in GÉANT project to simplify the integration of different systems. It consists of business processes framework (how to organise the work in an organisation), information model (how to recognise and organise sources of information) and application interfaces (how to integrate different information sources / systems).  TM Forum also has APIs that are used by many organisations as “standard” APIs, which again simplifies the work and eases the integration.  Courses that can be taken include all overview and fundamentals courses available at the TM Forum website.

If you are a GÉANT project member and consider summer time to be the time to learn and get certified on the use of TM Forum processes, register here or get in touch with  Please note that these courses will be accessible for a limited time only and need to be completed before mid-October 2020.