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OAV is Coming – Training on Orchestration, Automation and Virtualisation

Users in the Research and Education world demand fast delivery and self-service provisioning of network services, sometimes including inter-domain set ups. The commercial world, the clouds and operators are offering them new services just one click away. The only way you can efficiently offer these and other services through digital platforms is using orchestration, automation and virtualisation (OAV). Maybe you are already working on OAV and you know there are many things to take into account. Or maybe you know you should do something about it, but you don’t know exactly how. And there are thousands of tools, programming languages, concepts and possibilities to learn them. The temptation of following the same processes, partially automating what was done manually before, is difficult to resist. But automating is much more than that, it’s a mindset change from all the levels of your company.

As it is important to have a common ground for understanding, WP6 has created a training programme for all the interested network engineers, managers, researchers and members of the R&E networks community who want to know more about OAV, with examples and resources from the research and education world. It’s a training created by the community for the community, and you are part of it! The first learning unit “OAV – Introduction” is ready for you in the eAcademy to give you an overview of the benefits of OAV, provide useful resources and introduce the training programme. In approximately 30 minutes, at your own pace, you will learn why OAV is so relevant. You can log in into the eAcademy using your eduGAIN, SSO or social networks credentials.

In case you have any questions on the content, are more generally about OAV topics, the WP6 T2 OAV team will be available on the first Tuesday of each month for you at 14:00-15:00 CET. Please send an e-mail to to receive the Zoom room details. We can also arrange separate calls at a time to suit you if preferred. Stay tuned! after the Christmas break, a new learning unit will be published every week!