GÉANT Project Training team is excited to share the love4eduroam. In the coming months, it will be running three eduroam training events:



While eduroam is quite well-known and widespread in Slovenia, it is now taking the next big step in
building eduraom-enabled WLANs and is working on connecting all primary and secondary schools. ARNES is playing a leading role in enabling this connectivy and is now investing time and effort in  extending their pool of professionals to support and champion these developments.

eduroam@ARNES is planned for 3-4 October 2018 and is hosted by ARNES.



To facilitate and speed up the eduroam uptake process, knowledge transfer is arranged between GÉANT Project experts and CyNet community with the help of the Expert Scheme of the GN4.2 Capabilities Building Programme. Two day programme will start with a theoretical part on eduroam technology and service overview and continue with the hands-on experience. Both days are aimed to empower participants with useful information and skills in eduroam implementation.

eduroam@CyNet is planned for 20-21 September 2018 and is hosted by CyNet.



There is an internation event on eduroam that is organised in collaboration with ASREN , the Arab State Research and Education Network to facilitate the eduroam uptake in the region. It will also be based on the two day programme covering theory and hands-on of eduroam.

eduroam@ASREN is planned for 7-8 November 2018 and is hosted by ASREN.


In all these instances, the eduroam expertise was provided by the GN4.2 Project’s teams on Trust & Identity, and Multi Domain Services, with particular contributions from CARNet/SRCE (Croatia) and AMRES (Serbia).

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