As a follow up of the intense TNC18, SA3-T5 experts of GÉANT Project  offered a hands-on workshop on the basic and advanced knowledge and skills in the field of network performance management and monitoring:

  • The morning session focused on the  beginner/intermediate level participants highlighting
    • what perfSONAR can do today and why it is useful;
    • pS toolkit basics (how to set-up and use a system) along with typical/exemplary uses cases;
    • pScheduler basics – why and how bwctl was replaced, and troubleshooting examples (how to)
  • The afternoon session aimed at the intermediate/advanced/expert level discussing the topics of
    • what’s new, the evolution from meshconfig-agent to pSconfig and pScheduler
    • troubleshooting, security policies, Science DMZs and DTNs

The Pre-Installed VMs environment provided by SWITCH  allowed participants to practice the learning right on the spot. As a result, they learned to navigate a pS toolkit GUI and pScheduler. The example procedures were also introduced for performance monitoring and alerting with a common NMS like Nagios in combination with perfSONAR. Furthermore,  such as Science DMZs, DTNs and security practices were also  discussed as they often incorporate perfSONAR deployments.

GLAD team is very happy to have discovered this community knowledge gem. Feel free to get in touch with the experts should there be questions:

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