New GLAD website: old address, new personality

A prominent Italian designer, Massimo Vignelli once said: ‘If you do it right. It will last forever.’

… what are we doing wrong?

At GLAD, we share this view and we learned it the hard way on our own experience. As we were watching in disbelieve the dropping numbers of visits to our not-so-old website, we could stop asking “what are we doing wrong?”

The enlightement was a slow process, but many realisations surfaced since then. First, the website failed to communicate what we are about, our brand and our personality. It did not offer clear understanding of our activities and their benefits. It was hard to navigate through information and discover events that were taking place. If you think that arriving at these conclusions was daunting, you are right, it was. However, we took it as a call to action and got motivated to do better.

Now it is out pleasure to invite you to visit our new website: old address, new personality.

… the new learning portal

The website encompasses many features that you told us were important. To start, it contains a contemporary library of resources, called Knowledge Hub, that you can consult at your own time. All the resources are carefully selected by us and are predominantly free of charge. The library will grow bigger as we discover more and more resources.

There is also a Calendar that allows you to browse through our past and future events.

We are equally very proud of the number of Services we can offer, all of which are hosted on the home page and under the separate tab. Our ambition is to expand the list of services. Recently we added a new service called Knowledge Briefing. Delivered in partnership with AndersPink, Knowledge Briefing is an opportunity to create a bespoke (made for you) newsletter on a particular area of interest, for instance cybersecurity. Updated every 4 hours, the Briefing allows to stay on top of hot topics and new developments in various expert fields. You can check how it works on our Blog page, and if you are interesting to try it, get in touch.  We are also running webinars on the regular basis. You can get the heads up through the Calendar; read the post webinar write-ups in the Blog, and listen to the recording on GLAD channel at GÉANT TV (YouTube).

… visit us and let us know

With this website, we definitely want to stay connected and stay in touch, so please let us know about your experience of visiting our virtual office. We are also happy to speak in person, come and visit GLAD at TNC19.

We truly believe that the new website is a fantastic instrument for us to remain in service of your learning.

So, click this link and explore. Happy Learnings!