Meet the secret hero of TRANSITS-2

TRANSITS is the state of the art, high-quality training to Computer Security and Incident Response Team (CSIRT) personnel. GÉANT runs three TRANSITS open-registration workshops a year: two basic level courses, TRANSITS-1 and one advanced course, TRANSITS-2. Amongst all three, the advanced workshop is the one of a special kind. It further builds and develops the CSIRT competencies by providing a hands-on experience to the participants. Creating this hands-on experience is not an easy and it calls for a superhero.

It is my pleasure to introduce Brunolf Kleve of SURF (aka SURFnet). 

Magda Haver, GÉANT with Brunolf Kelve, SURF

At SURFnet, Brunolf manages a technical infrastructure that is used for workshops and hands-on technical training events. This environment provided a perfect learning space for the TRANSITS-2 workshops. 

One of the key challenges of using this infrastructure is to ensure the synchronisation and speed operation of the in-class software so that participants go through an identical learning experience. To address this challenge an imaging solution is used. Imaging helps to create a homogenous virtual learning infrastructure and in the context of TRANSITS-2, it was used when participants were tasked to practice their skills of traffic flow monitoring and forensic discoveries. Imaging requires a great deal of preparatory backstage mastery, and this is where Brunolf comes in. In the course of the past years, he has been working very hard to prepare and set up working learning infrastructure in advance of the TRANSITS-2 trainings. In addition to that he has always been available to problem-solve and support events in real time. Brunolf himself comments

‘Sometimes I had to work late to find a solution for these issues and I am proud that I always managed to fix these issues. In the worst case, I had to create a workaround. By that no workshop was cancelled due to technical issues our site.’

Looking forward as the technical learning class at SURF faces decommissioning, we can only express our biggest gratitude and thanks to Brunolf for his dedication and support to TRANSITS. We are also grateful to SURF for hosting us for so many years. I am sure this is not the end of our collaboration, but only a transformation.  What’s next the time will show, but for now BIG THANKS from the TRANSITS training team!