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Meet the GLAD team

We are GÉANT Learning and Development (GLAD) team.

GLAD is a part of GÉANT, a Europe’s leading collaboration of national partners on e-infrastructure and services for research and education.

We are here to supports excellence, professional growth, discovery and knowledge sharing of European networking professionals. We run a portfolio of learning services that is designed to inspire, imagine and deliver the  research and education network of the future.

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Our team

Irina Matthews

Learning Services Coordinator

If asked a question about what is important for me, professionally and personally, I would say “making a difference”.

Working in education, first as teacher and then a curriculum manager and e-learning development coordinator gave me an opportunity to see first-hand the life-long impact of education in terms of changing and improving people’s life prospects. Working for an organisation that enables greater access to research and education is the source of inspiration and motivation to shape up my job role for a maximum impact.

Nadia Sluer

Technical Training Coordinator

I am a Technical training coordinator and program developer with many years of experience providing programs for many GÉANT community members. I have been in the learning and development field for two years, after working for many years in Project Development with several NREN communities.

Prior to GÉANT, I worked in the business development field in corporate environments. My strength comes through using my business experiences to understand what communities need to increase performance and productivity and then design programs that excite and motivate participants.