Managed IdP Services: benefits and deployment

How can the Managed IdP Services benefit Identity Providers, research and education organisations and millions of eduroam users?

“Managed IdP Services for National Roaming Operators” webinar took place on 20/11/19 at 10:30 am CET.

Although the webinar title suggested focus on the role of the eduroam NRO administrators in supporting Identity Providers to deploy Managed IdP Services – the webinar attracted truly global audience of individual organisations, agencies and R&E networks from Europe, Africa and Australia.

Resources listed below aim to support organisations in the uptake of the service and bringing further benefits to the eduroam users across the world.

About the Managed IdP Service

More information about the Managed IdP Services is available here.

Watch the recording of the Lightning Talk at the TNC 19 for a brilliant summary of the Managed IdP Service and its benefits.

Webcast “Managed IdP Service: benefits and deployment” (Managed IdP service for IdP Administrators)


Webinar resources

  • Webinar recording “Managed IdP Service for NROs” (20/11/19) is available here.
  • Webinar presentation slides are available to download.
  • Webinar Q&A session transcript is available to download


Using the Managed IdP service


Managed IdP Service Source Code

  • RADIUS – Server Certificate Generation Scripts:


Contacts and further support

For queries about product usage questions please use this mailing list . For eligibility/policy questions, NROs need to refer these to respective GeGC (Global eduroam Governance Committee) representatives.

If you have any queries about access to any of these resources please contact