Luis Sampaio

Picture of Luis Sampaio

Luis Sampaio is a Master student in Informatics Engineering at Polytechnic of Porto – School of Engineering. He always had a keen interest in dabbling with different technologies and programming languages, having recently delved into the fine art of decentralisation and machine learning. In fact, the the presented project (which is inclusively part of his thesis) attempts to merge the two to provide a more insightful and inclusive way for everyone to talk with each other!

Together with his student collegue Fábio Lourenço he researched Synthetic telepathy for human-machine interaction on decentralised messaging applications.

Luis was nominated and supported to the Future Talent Programme (FTP20) by the Portuguese NREN FTC-FCCN. He was trained by professional public speaking coach Michael Koenka to deliver an engaging 5- minutes lighting talk about his research.

Fábio Lourençois a Master student in Informatics Engineering (focused on Multimedia and Graphical Systems) at Polytechnic of Porto – School of Engineering. He has become recently interested in brain-computer interfaces and computational neuroscience.

Their talk with Luis is based on their Master thesis project, in which they use a type of contactless interface in an attempt to improve upon current messaging systems inclusiveness.

What if we don’t have to type anymore?
This video outlines a new approach on human-machine interaction that is inclusive to people with hand/arm movement impediments and vocal impairments through the use of an electroencephalography headset and electromyography surface electrodes respectively, all on a decentralized application that is developed to guarantee privacy on communication between users. 

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