Kelly Wang

Chun Yan (Kelly) Wang is studying for a Masters by Research in the School of Business at Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland

Kelly holds a BA in Accounting and Finance and a MBS in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. In 2018 she completed her research dissertation entitled crowdfunding collaborates with traditional funding methods to create a better business financing option–start up entrepreneurs and presented her research at the International Academy of Management and Business Conference in Lisbon, Portugal 2018.

Kelly’s current research topic is the Use and Adoption of Crowdfunding among Start-up Entrepreneurs in Ireland.

Supported by HEAnet Kelly participated in FTP20 featuring a 5-minutes Lightning Talk about the challenges and opportunities of crowdfunding in Ireland.

Challenges and Opportunities of Crowdfunding in Ireland
Digital connectivity is transforming all aspects of our lives. Today information, ideas and financial flows are exchanged rapidly online and worldwide.  A case in point is Crowdfunding.  Enabling investors and entrepreneurs to connect worldwide online, to access much needed finance, this new model has emerged as a powerful disruptive force, reshaping traditional funding models and undermining traditional market dynamics.

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