GEANT Software Catalogue (GSC) is here: explore, contribute and see how it can work for you

There is a new date in the history of GEANT – 26 June 2019 – the birthday of the first ever (in GEANT’s history) GEANT Software Catalogue (GSC).

The catalogue is designed to provide an up-to-date repository of information about software development projects within GEANT with the aim to:

  • To support collaboration within the GÉANT software engineering community
  • To collate data on GÉANT software development efforts for the purposes of further analysis and reporting to activity and task leaders, PLM, Software Governance and Support and other stakeholders.

The catalogue has been designed with you and your team in mind – the growing use of the catalogue will allow it to mature and benefit individuals, teams and project outcomes overall.

Hence there is a call for Action to the GEANT Software development community:

  1. To share the news about the existence of the Catalogue
  2. To access the catalogue to view and explore
  3. To add your project to the catalogue if it is not listed at the moment
  4. To contact the team behind the catalogue with queries and suggestions for further development to grow its impact and significance for a range of stakeholders

To explore the catalogue and get other relevant information please use any of the following options:

  1. To access the catalogue, click here

If you are visiting the catalogue for the first time (and you were not able to attend the launch) please note that the catalogue comes with its own tutorial (how to add projects, how to locate people behand the projects, what statistics is available); alternatively you can access the recording of the Catalogue launch.

  • To access the recording of the Catalogue launch – click here

Q &A included in the Catalogue launch – click here

  • To access the GSC wiki page that contains the following information:
  • History and background
  • Summary of key features
  • Suggested examples of use
  • Contact details for the team of the catalogue creators
  • To get in touch – these are the primary contacts:

Maciej Łabędzki

GN4.3 WP9-T2

Sub-Task Leader, Software Developer


Poznan, Poland

Marcin Wolski

GN4.3 WP9-T2

Task Leader


Poznan, Poland

It is the start of the wonderful new venture: join in and make it work for you and your team! Happy sailing!