Idio Guarino

Idio Guarino received the Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering at the University of Naples Federico II in July 2020, defending a thesis on the modeling and prediction of traffic generated by mobile applications using Markovian approaches.

He currently collaborates with members of the Traffic research group at the University of Naples Federico II, which carries out its activities in the area of Computer Networks.

His work focuses on the analysis of network traffic, aimed at the definition of innovative methodologies, based on artificial intelligence, to support the classification and prediction of mobile network traffic.

Idio’s participation in the Future Talent Programme (FTP22) was supported by GARR, Italy.

Lightning Talk Topic

Traffic analysis of communication and collaboration apps bloomed with Covid-19 via advanced Deep Learning approaches

The COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting increase in interactions via digital tools has deeply changed network traffic. To manage these changes, network operators need advanced tools for classification and the prediction of internet traffic. To face these tasks, the idea is to design advanced deep-learning based techniques with a special focus on traffic generated by social communication and collaboration apps.