Hanna Karpenko

Hanna Karpenko received MSc in mathematics and physics from the BSU in 2016. Hanna’s scientific work is developing the algorithm for computer-aided drug design based on the methodology of click chemistry. Her current project is to test and apply neural networks for the discovery of new drugs. Hanna’s participation in Future Talent Programme (FTP21) was supported by BASNET (Belarus).

TNC conference

Hanna’s lightning talk topic was selected for TNC21, the largest and most prestigious Research & Education networking conference. Watch her speak at the TNC21 Lightning talks on Friday 25 June 2021 in minute 24:44.

Lightning Talk Topic

 Telomerase – eternal life or a panacea for all cancers ?!

Telomerase is considered the key to cellular immortality, the “fountain of youth.” This enzyme allows cells to multiply rapidly without aging. At the same time, telomerase allows cancer cells to divide indefinitely, which is the reason for the formation of tumors. Scientists from all over the world have been trying to solve this problem for a very long time. But today there is no exact model of the structure of human telomerase, due to the complexity of the structure and the high cost of this study. Computer modeling methods make it possible to quickly and cost-effectively reconstruct the spatial structure of human telomerase by homology based on the structural data of related templates. The work is done with the help of the State Supercomputer Multi-access Center of the UIIP NASB and the NREN BASNET network infrastructure. Computer methods of molecular dynamics optimize the model and make it accurate enough for rational design drugs and will help to understand that telomerase is eternal life or a panacea for oncology.