Hanna Karpenka

Hanna Karpenka received MSc in mathematics and physics from the BSU in 2016

Hanna’s scientific work is developing the algorithm for computer-aided drug design based on the methodology of click chemistry. Her current project is to test and apply neural networks for the discovery of new drugs. 

Supported by BASNET Hanna contributed to FTP20 a 5-minutes Lightning Talk about the rational design of new drugs.

Computer Discovery of Novel Drugs
Computer molecular modeling techniques play an important role in research into the development of new drugs. The use of neural networks for these methods in the rational design of potential drugs can minimize the time and cost of searching for various targets and potential drugs! Such a computer model can, with high probability, predict the vulnerability in the structure of the infectious agent and indicate which chemical compound should be synthesized.

Contact Hanna Karpenka at rfe.karpenko@gmail.com