GN4-3 WP6 (Networking technologies) is building up its expertise in data plane programming

In the coming weeks, several members of the Work Package 6 will be attending an intense 4-day training event on data plane programming in P4, Tofino™ device architecture and P4Studio™ Software Development Environment (SDE) organised by Stordis.  The course is geared towards designers and architects, tasked with design and development of data plane and control plane programs for modern networking equipment. The training will cover a range of topics, but more specifically it will focus on:

  • P4 (v.16) Language that allows programming control plane
  • Understanding of the communication software between the control and data plane (P4Studio™ SDE components) for data and control plane development
  • Ability to design fully functional data plane programs

This is the valuable expertise for GN4-3 as it will allow the understanding of advanced and state-of-the-art networking technologies.

All those interested in discussing the topics from the training curriculum are welcome to email Tim Chown, JISC; Ivana Golub, PSNC; Xavier Jeannin, RENATER and Frédéric Loui, RENATER at

The following resources might be also helpful for self-consultation on the topic:

Happy Learnings!