GLAD reflections on TNC19

A week after TNC19 drew the curtains, it is great to recall the freshly made memories and tell the story of events as they were seen by the GLAD team.

GLAD came to the TNC19 with two projects. The first project was the 4th edition of the GÉANT Project Lightening Talk Challenge of the Future Talent Programme. This year the Programme brought six finalists from four European countries to the stage where they represented their home institutions and NRENs by delivering powerful and inspiring presentations. The finalists’ agenda was busy – meeting new people, networking, learning about technologies, debating. But there was no shortage of having a few laughs and discovering Tallinn. Memories were made, and they will last forever.  

The second project was a new initiative – GLAD Skills PoP. The Skills PoP was designed as daily sessions in service of TNC19 conference participants to provide them with the on-the-spot coaching support with meetings and presentations. Participants from ten European countries have dropped by the Skills PoP sessions and worked together with the GLAD team on rethinking their presentations and practicing strategies for the presentation WOW factor. Our ambition could not have been captured better than in the words of one of our visitors, Victoriano Giralt of the Univeristy de Malaga:

 “It is important to educate the techies. There is a huge amount of knowledge here, but we need to find way to combine technical wisdom with communication abilities.”

However the Skills PoP sessions did not end there. In course of TNC days, we were also visited by curious minds from Arab countries, Africa and Latin America. This resulted in wider and stronger collaborations of learning and development (L&D) professionals across the globe.

The TNC19 also served as a launch pad for the new initiative within the Future Talent Programme – the Trust and Identify Mentorship (TIM). TIM is a collaboration between GÉANT Project trust and identity experts and GLAD to engage young talents in developing trust and identity products and services of the future. It is an exciting opportunity for the European NREN community to grow ideas and innovate. It is currently recruiting participants, follow the link to learn about the eligibility and how you can do it.  

Though it has not been long since TNC19, we have already started thinking about our engagement and participation in TNC2020. What it will be and how we will deliver it, the time will show. Come and see us in Brighton in 2020.