GLAD in 2019: achievements and ambitions

The turn of the year is traditionally the time to take stock of what has been achieved and plan for the future. Looking at GLAD in 2019, I see so many things that make me proud.

To start, our newly mastered webinar capability has enabled us to reach out to all the corners of our community (and beyond). The 50% increase in diversity of participants is a result of this amazing new capability.

The new website with its functionalities such a Blog and Knowledge Hub has also been continuously attracting viewership and has allowed us to create a learning space that can be accessed and consulted 24/7 . Selected November 2019 statistics of 83.6% new viewers demonstrate that. It’s modern look and feel is also an exciting addition.

Future Talent Programme has been going from strength to strengths and in its third year running has launched a new initiative, Trust and Identity Mentorship, and has secured an increase in participation its existing initiatives.

Achievements are great, but ambitions are even greater. In 2020, we have plans to develop GÉANT Curriculum in order to capture and share community knowledge in areas such as Network, T&I, Security and Cloud. It will help us introduce a common framework to facilitate new staff induction, career progression and recognition, as well as capture GÉANT knowledge legacy. 

We are also working on strengthening technical expertise by introducing certification programmes and industry best practices such as ITIL. With that, we would like to ensure and secure the reputation of the GÉANT community as an expert and a leader in the networking industry. The arrangements have already been put in place to launch a new edition of what has been knowns as MPIVIT (Managing Performance in Virtual Teams), and what will now be known as Managing Virtual Teams. There are also ambitions around the new EaPConnect Project, TRANSITS training frameworks and learning technologies, all of which will contribute to our ability to continuously improve the learning culture throughout the community.

You might think that this is a lot. We agree. But, life’s too short to think small*

Bring on 2020, GLAD is ready!

*Tim Ferris