GÉANT visit. A Two-Way Track. Not a one-man-show

Last week a colleague stepped into the GÉANT office wanting to learn more about what we do at and more importantly how we do it. This curious man was Vasos Papageorgiou from an IT-department of the Cyprus University of Technology who was brought to GÉANT with the help of Erasmus Staff Mobility Grant.

The organisation of the visit was taken by the GÉANT Learning and Development team (GLAD). ‘It is in GLAD’s DNA to facilitate such professional exchanges. We believe driving an overall growth in Europe is down to individual exposure, experiences and learning,’ says Irina Mikhailava, Head of the team. ‘This is why we support the processional development of the community members whenever we can’, continues Nadia Sluer who managed Vasos’s visit.

The programme that was put together kept Vasos busy for the three full days. During his stay, he met with GÉANT staff discussing a multitude of topics:

  • GÉANT organisation in general (governance, NRENs, communication channels, etc.)
  • Trust and Identity
  • Task Forces and Special Interest Groups
  • Security
  • Up2U project
  • IT
  • GDPR
  • Training and Professional Development

The programme of the visit offered Vasos a tremendous exposure to the inner workings of GÉANT and we could say with confidence that Vasos has got the taste of all the flavours of the GÉANT kitchen. It is now, it is up to him to take this forward at his own workplace.

Good luck, Vasos, it was a pleasure to have you!

If you are interested in similar experiences and professional development opportunities such as this one, talk to GLAD.

Written by Nadia Sluer