ENISA Cybersecurity Training Materials

ENISA’s Cybersecurity Training material was introduced in 2008, and has grown continuously ever since. This training content comprises of essential material to develop skills in the Incident Responders community and in the field of Operational Security. In these pages you will find all material needed to organise a successful training like tutorials for teachers, handouts for students and virtual images to support hands-on activities in training sessions.

The material is updated on a yearly basis but the older courses are still available because they are still very useful.

All the material is available for free and can be downloaded for personal use or for strictly non-commercial purposes. Within the same non-commercial context, parts of it can be used and integrated into other courses if ENISA is mentioned or credited.

Support is offered on a best-effort basis.

The ENISA CSIRT training material covers four main areas:  Technical, Operational, Setting up a CSIRT and Legal and Cooperation.

In these pages you will find the ENISA CSIRT training material, containing Handbooks for teachers, Toolsets for students and Virtual Images to support hands on training sessions. The Handbooks for trainers contain all the content that is featured in the Toolsets for students but they also contain answers to exercises and some limited additional content.

Happy Learnings!