Why do we do it

GÉANT e-Academy is dedicated to create 24/7 access to the state of the art materials and to facilitate knowledge mobility within the GÉANT community. It reflects our belief that learning should be universal and be possible at any location, for any audience and in any format. The e-Academy enables following benefits:

  • accessing European and global audience(s).
  • creating knowledge record with the timeless lifespan.
  • creating time and effort efficiencies.
  • enabling content return, replay and reuse. 
  • ensuring comparable standards and common comprehension of ideas.
  • catering to the busy lives of busy people. 

What do we do

Learning and Development facilitates creation, curation and sourcing of content for the e-Academy.  The hosting possibilities of the platform allow to include such distant learning formats as info-videos, e-lectures, games, webinars, virtual classrooms, simulations, e-coaching, forums and much more. Browse existing materials GÉANT e-Academy.

Available to

Resource available 24/7 to all GÉANT project partners 


If interested in exploring what e-Academy can do for you, ask us here 

Updated on 11/01/2019