Understanding cross-cultural communication in international business (available free of charge)

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Who is it for?

Anyone who works with people from different cultural backgrounds and is looking to expand communication skills for effective communication in the cross-cultural environment.

What will I learn?

  • The concept of common and divergent cultural characteristics and their role in the cross-cultural communication
  • Potential barriers to intercultural communication
  • The impact of various styles of management (including Theory X, Y and Z) on the workplace culture
  • How to prepare for an international assignment
  • Effective strategy for living and working within a different culture

Available online (self-paced.): Now

Pre-requisites: None

Course fee: Free

Certificate (optional) from € 4 to € 27 for a digital or paper parchment certificate

This course can be done free of charge – please notify the Activity Leader to obtain the authorisation to undertake training.

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