School of Software Engineering: What you can do to develop better software!

Dates: 23 – 25 October 2018 ( 3 days)
Location: Metropol Palace, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra 69, Belgrade,  11000 Serbia
Learning Provider: GN4.2/SA2
Delivery Method: Face to Face workshop


The main objective of this workshop is to provide software development teams with practical knowledge and skills on including quality assurance in their projects.

After this training you will:

  • understand the objectives and methods of assuring quality in software projects
  • plan the quality assurance activities and effectively include them into your development process
  • select adequate design and testing techniques to address the risks in your project
  • define and execute test cases for functional and selected non-functional quality characteristics
  • apply commonly avalable tools to facilitate quality assurance
  • work with JIRA to manage defects and issues.

Who is it for

The workshop is addressed to all team members involved in developing software and interested in improving quality of their products.

In particular, we warmly welcome:

  • software developers,
  • team leaders,
  • technical consultants,
  • junior testers,
  • other software engineers.

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